Approved by health experts

Did you know that our nursing pillow is being used in maternity wards in several hospitals in Norway?

Cozyfix was tested at one of Norway's most renowned hospitals for a period of two years before it was put out on the market. Breastfeeding experts provided good input in the process and it has been thoroughly analysed by a pediatric physiotherapist.

Experiencing discomfort and pain during breastfeeding?

We have developed a nursing pillow that gives your arms optimal support so you avoid tense and sore neck muscles and arms. When you are relaxed your baby benefits from this and it makes her/him calm and content.

Ultimate support

Cozyfix is ​​a unique nursing pillow because it is held close to mum by means of a waist belt. This contributes to optimal support and relief for the mother.

In a class of its own!


This is the best nursing pillow I have tried.


Cozyfix was really the rescue for me in a somewhat challenging start to breastfeeding. Really worth every penny!


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