Let me tell you the story of Cozyfix

by Edith Halberg, the Founder


In 2006, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Maria. She was premature, and as you might know, premature babies have weaker sucking abilities than full term babies. I therefore struggled when it came to breastfeeding my tiny newborn. We spent hours in the hospital together and I tested all the nursing pillows on the market. But I didn't find one that helped. I got cramps and sore arms due to the static and tense breastfeeding position. With years of experience and competence as a product developer, it was only natural for me to try to solve this challenge. Not just for myself but for all new mums that wish to breastfeed their babies. This resulted in the birth of Cozyfix.

"The birth of a child was also the birth of the Cozyfix nursing pillow"

I started a collaboration with health professionals. One of Norway's most renowned hospitals (Oslo University hospital Ullevål) tested Cozyfix for a period of two years. Physiotherapists and breastfeeding experts also provided their professional input during the process. 

My own struggles with breastfeeding fresh in mind, it warms my heart to hear that Cozyfix today helps thousands of mums. Did you know that you can borrow Cozyfix at maternity wards in the biggest hospitals in Norway, in Stockholm (SE) and Roskilde (DK)? This way you can get early support on your breastfeeding journey.


Baby smiling towards the camera
Edith Halberg founder of Cozyfix. Cozyfix helps you get the correct breastfeeding position.
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