We support your breastfeeding

A pillow that gives the best support for breastfeeding mums

How it all started
The Cozyfix nursing pillow was developed by Edith Halberg from Norway, a founder and mother of two. In 2006 she gave birth to her daughter who was premature. Premature babies have a weaker sucking ability than full-term babies. Edith spent hours in the hospital with her baby. All the nursing pillows on the market were tested, but didn't help her cramps and sore arms due to the static and tense breastfeeding position. The idea of Cozyfix was born.

Our nursing pillow is unique. It fits most body shapes, can be adjusted from the inside layer buy building up the top pillow and has a soft belt that can be tightened around your waist. This way the baby is positioned close to you and doesnt slip between your belly and the pillow.

It makes us so happy that you agree. We are grateful that you nominated us to be the winner of 'the best nursing pillow in Norway' two years running. 

Developed in co-operation with health professionals
Edith, who has years of experience and competence as a product developer, started a collaboration with health professionals. Cozyfix was tested at one of Norway's most renowned hospitals for a period of two years and physiotherapists and breastfeeding experts have provided their input during the process. Today, in Scandinavia, mothers all over love the Cozyfix nursing pillow.


Correct breastfeeding position
Together with health professionals we want to advise mums of the importance of correct breastfeeding position (NOT sit with crossed legs or aqward positions). Mums breastfeed between 8-12 times in a 24 hour period and poor breastfeeding positions can cause late injuries. 


Edith Halberg, Cozyfix founder
 All photos by Hege Landrø Johnsen